COVEE : Coalition Of Values and Ethics in Europe

Hello this site has been created to defend the Values and Ethics of baseball clubs in Europe against companies that use our baseball club names and logo’s to sell clothing and merchandising without our permission.

They try to mislead their customers as if they can buy officiall stuff with our permission … which is unfortunately not the case 🙁

With this page we would like to gather all the clubs that want to defend their club name and rights against this kind of unethic method.

These are the clubs that also mentioned it to us and want to have their name and logo removed from the companies webshop :

  • Belgium clubs :
    • Frontliners
    • Oostende Piranhas
    • Tongeren Sharks
    • Zottegem Bebops

  • Dutch clubs :
    • Condors (Sittard)
    • Maastricht
    • Roef (Moergestel)
    • All In (Veldhoven)
    • PSV (Eindhoven)
    • Cheetahs (Beek)

If you also have this kind of ethic issue, please send an email to me via to have your team added to this list !!!